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11 Ways to Write a Sizzling Book Description
sizzling sausages

There are only three things you need to do to become a multi-platinum, world-conquering ebook tycoon with a fleet of yachts and sales figures that would make James Patterson spit with envy: Get people to look at your book page Convert them into a paying customer Keep them coming back for more Yep, that’s all […]

May 19, 2017, IQ
3 Tips for Good Financial Health
Financial Health

Just like with our physical health, there are some key rules that everyone should follow in order to stay financially healthy. By veering away from these basics, you run the risk of not attaining future financial goals, or worse yet, having unmanageable debt. Tip #1: Pay Yourself First When asked who their most important creditor […]

November 6, 2016, Money
How To Furnish A Baby’s Nursery On A Budget0
infant furniture

In today’s economy, many parents are shopping around for less expensive baby furniture to help offset the costs associated with the introduction of a new infant into the family. Here are some cost-cutting tips for finding good deals on nursery furniture. Begin With a Plan Because infant furniture is so cute, it is easy to […]

Play the guitar in five easy steps
Play the guitar

How to hold a guitar in 5 simple steps: Tutorial Online Guitar Lessons Testimonial Step 1: Sit Rest the waist of the guitar across your lap. The indent in the bottom of the guitar should rest conveniently on your leg. The less control hand will be the hand that holds the neck. Step 2: Take […]