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Create a Great Book Description

I can critique your book description and help you write one that hooks potential readers in and greatly improves your chances of making a sale.

I did it myself – with one copy change, I doubled sales within an hour – and from there my book soared to the #1 position on Amazon.

“It seems to be easier for writers to create a full length novel than to write the back blurb for a new book! I went to Mark Edwards for help because I was too close to my thriller, Exodus, and I couldn’t see clearly how to articulate the novel in a clear, concise and compelling way. Mark’s own experience in writing and selling bestselling thrillers meant he was definitely the right person for the job and after I completed his questionnaire, he quickly turned around a fantastic blurb for me to use.”
J.F.Penn, author of the ARKANE thriller series.

When you put your book live on Amazon, Smashwords or any other platform, there are 3 things you need to get right above everything else (apart from writing a good book that people want to read, of course):

1. You need a good title that grabs the attention

2. You need an eye-catching cover (and my designer is for hire)

3. You need a great book description that does the hard work of enticing a potential reader to try your book; one that gets them so excited that they skip the sample and click the ‘Buy now’ button.

You’re a writer.  You have managed to write – or are planning to write – a novel or work of non-fiction.  How hard can it be to write a decent book description, right?


The answer is that it’s hard.  Very hard.  Oh, anyone can write a book description – or blurb, as they are often known.  But writing a good description, one that makes your book sound like something that a potential reader is desperate to hand over their money and time for, is probably even harder than writing the book.

I go into this in a lot more detail here.

When I put my first book, KILLING CUPID (co-written with Louise Voss), onto Amazon I spent a lot of time tweaking and testing our description.  I studied the blurbs of many other bestsellers.  And I worked out what makes some books fly off the virtual shelves while others languish unread.

I put this into action by re-writing the blurb to KILLING CUPID and literally doubling sales within an hour, sending it shooting up the bestseller lists.  Then, when I wrote the description for our second book, CATCH YOUR DEATH, I suspected I’d struck gold – and when the book shot to #1 a few weeks later, I was proved right.

I am not only a novelist. I am a trained marketing copywriter, having written sales copy for a decade.

And I am now available for hire to write your book description. If you’ve already written one, I can critique it and let you know how to improve it. Or I can create one from scratch.

How it works:

1. You fill out the contact form below.

2. I’ll send you a short questionnaire about your book

3. You complete that and also send me the survey along with any other information I need, including your existing description if you have one.

4. I either improve your current description or write one from scratch.

I work on a first-come-first-served basis.  So please contact me now to find out more details.  I can’t wait to craft something that will make your book jump off the page.

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