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Design an Awesome Ebook Cover
killing cupid

Book covers created by the designer behind the #1 and #2 bestsellers Catch Your Death and Killing Cupid. Designed to grab the eye and get that all-important click Getting the right cover for your book is an essential part of its success.  Its almost impossible for a good book with a bad cover to sell. […]

July 17, 2012, IQ
My Life Story
the writer

The Kindle has, ahem, rekindled my love of writing. Until very recently, when I caught scent of the indie writing revolution as it carried across the Atlantic, I had officially stopped trying to be a writer. I had a great job that I could pour all my creative energy into, a family who happily occupied […]

March 19, 2011, IQ

We’re Independent IQ or Indie IQ. We’re independent journalists that creates and curates documents from around the web.  We help gather articles made from experts and people like you to make self help articles. What do you need help with? A new backsplash for your kitchen? Bowling?  LASIK? Whatever it is we can help! We’ve […]

January 1, 2011, IQ