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Mitch Fatel : The New Messenger in The City

In this fast-paced life, have we forgotten the real meaning of life? To live? To be at peace? Too may even agree with me. While there are few options to bring back that zest and spark in our lives, most of these ideas are more or less associated with nature.

Connecting with nature takes time and city dwellers can’t afford taking a vacation again and again to just relax or connect with life. In such a situation, comedy comes to the rescue. True comedy makes us laugh from within and this helps us relax ourselves. For those few minutes, we disconnect ourselves from the commercial part of our life and be our real selves.

Mitch Fatel

Stand Up comedy is just amazing. We may not realize how difficult it is to do that, but we enjoy it though. It is very easy to make somebody cry, but it is almost divine to bring a smile on a person’s face, and this ability is gifted to very few of them. Mitch Fatel is one of those gifted ones. Making people laugh for 33 years, this happy man who spreads his happiness conducts stand up comedies throughout the US and sometimes in other places of the world.

Yesterday’s Mitch Fatel show was just amazing, that inspired me to write an article thanking him. I can thank him a million times and I won’t be tired. The art of making people laugh is very important to master. Doing that job daily is quite a task. We can pull off a great show once, twice but every time? That’s practically impossible. Well Mitch Fatel does not have the word impossible in his dictionary. The sarcasm he used yesterday showed that he did his job from the depth of his heart. Doing any job from one’s own heart adds a unique charm to the result. He views the world from a completely different angle, he perceives it completely opposite to how we do it. That is the difference between us and a great personality like him.

Mitch Fatel, might be no God but his serious yet funny cracks on various life aspects brings a smile on everyone’s face, even on the ones who badly need it. I am speaking about the cancer patients. His talk lets the people overlook their miseries and sorrow and look at the bigger picture. After all you might have heard of Carpe Diem. Though it has got various meanings, the meaning Enjoy the Moment, fits in best. I was really inspired by his talk last night and it has made an everlasting impression on me. This one would never go off. I promised not to anybody, but myself that I will give my best in whichever field I can, but will give my best. His talks on various sensual topics are taken as a joke by me, while the jokes that he cracks on real life issues bring in certain changes in me, which slowly and steadily make me a better person overall. Once again Mitch Fatel, a big big thank you for molding our lives! Thank You

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