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Marathon training tips: All about the base

The first marathon took place in 490 BC. According to legend, a Greek messenger named Philippides was sent to Athens from the battlefield of Marathon (a town in Greece) to announce that the Persians had been defeated. He ran the entire distance without stopping, he burst the news then collapsed and died.

This is how the marathon originated. It is one of the sports that has been held since the Olympics began in 1896. Most people find that running a marathon greatly improves overall health.


Given that it is a high intensity type of exercise, it is beneficial for the heart and helps achieve weight-loss goals. It has also become an avenue for organizations to raise funds and awareness on various type of diseases and social causes. Some marathons are held in specific places leading to traveling and gaining new acquaintances. Generally, it promotes a great sense of fulfillment and accomplishment because a marathon is a goal and not something that can be achieved overnight. Here are important tips that will guide one to a successful marathon.

The first step would be to set a goal. This would involve choosing a marathon that is a few months away. Give ample time to training, set days and time dedicated to training and running. Include also time-off for hypothetical injuries or illnesses and life events. Decide if one just wants to finish the marathon or place in it. Make use of a calendar and be organized. One should aim on building up slowly. An assessment of one’s fitness level is essential. If for example one can run for 20 miles per week, then mileage can be increased to no more than 10 % each week. Training of the core muscles goes hand-in-hand with marathon running. This will reduce the risk of injury and improve endurance. Nutrition is also vital. Eating high-caloric foods has really become a thing of the past. Most nutritionists and health advocates would suggest eating whole foods that will provide one a steady release of energy.

Most essential of all, one needs to be in the right gear when running. Running shoes are the most important pieces of gear for any runner. Getting through a 26.2-mile race is hard in itself and without the right equipment, this will make it harder and can even cause defeat. One needs to invest in good running shoes – Running shoes need to provide more support than regular training shoes since running puts strong and repeated pressure on one’s feet over a long period of time.

When buying the right pair of running shoes, make sure that there is a wiggle room in it. There should be a thumb’s width of room between the end of the longest toe and front of the shoe. The running shoe should make one feel secure and comfortable. There should be minimal or no slipping heel. Buying a new pair of shoes before a marathon is advisable since the old one’s have probably worn out from continuous training. Before a marathon, it would be wise to break into the new shoes 2-3 weeks prior. This is to avoid blisters.

Lastly, win the mental fight. Having the right attitude is crucial to make a marathon a success. Vary one’s training to ward off boredom. Splurge a bit on the right gear to give you support. Be consistent and run.

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