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Louise Voss

Louise VossLouise Voss is the co-author of Killing Cupid and our forthcoming novel Catch Your Death. We first met after I appeared on a BBC TV documentary about wannabe writers (see My Life Story for the full, unexpurgated tale). We were both in the same boat at that time we had an agent but no publishing deal. We started an email correspondence in which we supported one another, read each others work and discovered that we both liked the same music (ie The Cure) and had lots in common including the same sense of humour. We didnt actually meet in person until after we had been corresponding for well over a year. Luckily we liked each other in real life too. Louise went on to get a publishing deal and had four novels published by Transworld. She was also extremely generous and did much more than my own rather useless agent to get me in front of publishers.

Its rare to meet someone who you click with creatively. It happens in music all the time. Lennon and McCartney. Morrissey and Marr. Justin Bieber and whoever writes his songs! But writing partnerships are rare, perhaps because writing is usually a solitary pursuit, just one man or woman wrestling with their imagination in a drafty garret. Louise and I were extremely fortunate to discover that we were not only good friends but that we could write together and enjoy the process enormously. We never argue about our writing. We respect each others opinion absolutely. Its a joy working together.

This is Louises official bio. Her older books will be re-appearing on Amazon soon. They are all brilliant and its a crime that she is not one of the UKs best-known authors.

Louise started writing as a hobby while living and working in the music business in New York in 1995. After a few years of rejections, her first book was bought at auction by Transworld/Black Swan. To Be Someone was published in 2000, the first novel to come with its own CD soundtrack (on Virgin Records). Three more novels followed, as well as two co-written thrillers with Mark Edwards. The first of these, Killing Cupid, was optioned by the BBC for a two-part drama and is about to optioned again by a BAFTA-winning producer for a feature film. Killing Cupid has recently been published on Amazon Kindle, shortly to be followed by Catch Your Death.

Louise lives in South West London with her daughter and their psychotic flatulent rescue cat.

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