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How To Furnish A Baby’s Nursery On A Budget0

In today’s economy, many parents are shopping around for less expensive baby furniture to help offset the costs associated with the introduction of a new infant into the family. Here are some cost-cutting tips for finding good deals on nursery furniture.

infant furniture

Begin With a Plan

Because infant furniture is so cute, it is easy to go overboard with all the choices there are. A good way to avoid getting more (and paying more for) baby furniture than is needed is to carefully plan the nursery space to only contain the necessities. For example, figure out how long certain items such as bassinettes or cradles will be used and consider replacing both choices with a regular size crib with the mattress raised to a higher level.

Cribs and Mattresses

Outlet stores are great places to find good deals on baby cribs and mattresses. You will find many that are in fabulous shape with only a few tiny scratches in some hidden place. Read all the accompanying literature and make sure these items are safe, and you can go home with a new, high quality crib and mattress for hundreds of dollars less than you would pay at a retail baby boutique.

Break Up the Set

Rather than purchasing baby furniture by the set, consider purchasing only the individual pieces that you need. Not only will your nursery look more interesting, you can sometimes save big time at the cash register.

Nursery Theme

If you want a certain theme for your baby’s furniture, why not buy stencils and paint images of lambs or stars or whatever you want the theme to be? Instructions can be found in multiple locations online and doing it yourself is a satisfying way to save a lot of money over furniture that has already been painted.

Hold Off on That Shopping

Statistics show that each time prospective parents go into a store to purchase something for their expected infant, they end up buying two to three other items as well. Why not wait until the final weeks before the baby is born to take a list into the baby shop and purchase in one trip only what the child will need? This can save both time and money.

Don’t Be Shy

When friends, church or family members offer to throw a baby shower for your infant, take them up on it. Don’t be shy about opening registers at online or retail boutiques that will allow a couple of friends to go in together to purchase some of the more high dollar items. Also, be outspoken about the things you need and want. People who are interested in you and your baby will want to get you what you want.

Convertible Bed

Crib models are available these days that will convert into toddler beds as the baby grows. Think of the overall, long-term needs of the child and buy items such as convertible beds and other things that will grow with your baby.

With a little prior planning, there is no reason you can’t save some money when stocking your nursery!

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