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Announcing my Deal with Thomas & Mercer

I’m excited to announce that I have signed a two-book deal with Amazon Publishing’s crime and thriller imprint, Thomas & Mercer. The first book in the deal is The Magpies, which will be republished by T&M very soon.

That will be followed by another psychological thriller, Because She Loves Me, which will come out next summer. Both books will be published in the UK and US and will be available as ebooks, paperbacks and audiobooks. They will be available exclusively through Amazon.

I am also continuing to co-write with Louise Voss. We have just completed our fifth novel together, From the Cradle, the first in a series featuring DI Patrick Lennon of the south-west London Murder Investigation Team. More news will follow about this book soon.

I am thrilled with the Amazon deal, which marks the latest stage in the remarkable journey I’ve been on over the last few years, especially the last six months. When I self-published The Magpies in March I had high hopes but the book has far exceeded any expectations I had.

The Magpies spent two months entrenched in the UK Kindle top ten, reaching No.1 in the rankings. It has sold close to 170,000 copies and is the biggest-selling self-published book in the UK this year. It’s not an exaggeration to say that The Magpies has changed my life, finally allowing me to write full-time – at least temporarily – and reignited my writing career. It has also helped find a new audience for the Voss & Edwards books.

The Magpies will be republished to include a new “letter from the author” which examines some of the questions that have been raised by readers. This letter will also be published on this site for people who’ve already read the book.

I’m very excited about Because She Loves Me, which I am working on now. Here’s an extract from the original pitch:

She’s the girl of his dreams – and every man’s worst nightmare.

In The Magpies we were introduced to the neighbours from hell. Now, in Because She Loves Me, the terror is even closer to home…

When Andrew Sumner meets Charlie, he is smitten. She is gorgeous, funny, sexy and clever. And, to his astonishment, she likes him as much as he likes her. The two of them embark on an intense affair.

But soon Andrew wonders if his grasp on reality is slipping. Personal items go missing in Andrew’s apartment. His Facebook friend list starts to mysteriously dwindle. A bizarre accident traps him in his flat for a short time and leaves him dependent on his new girlfriend.

Strange things start to happen to his female friends and relatives too, including his best friend, Lisa. And why does Andrew feel that he is being watched wherever he goes?

Torn between his desire for Charlie and his need to protect himself, Andrew tries to find out who Charlie really is – putting himself, his friends and loved ones in terrible danger…

Readers of The Magpies will also be interested to learn that in Because She Loves Me I will reveal what happened next to Lucy…

I’m really excited to be working with the Amazon Publishing team, who are incredibly enthusiastic and a pleasure to deal with, and I’m particularly pleased that they will be publishing both books in the US.

I want to thank all the readers who have bought The Magpies and my other books so far, and all the reviewers, bloggers and tweeters who have been so supportive. I also want to say thanks to my agent, Sam Copeland, and Amazon’s White Glove team for all their support and help over the last six months. Sometimes I feel like the poster boy for the ‘never give up’ movement. After nearly two decades trying to ‘make it’ as a writer, with more plot twists than a library-full of thrillers, it feels amazing to be doing this: the thing I have always wanted.

You can keep up with all my news, chat with me and ask questions by following me on Twitter @mredwards or via the Voss & Edwards Facebook page, where we run regular competitions.

Though I may be a little quieter than normal over the coming months. I have a deadline to meet…

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